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Jill Richardson & Ben Linder Jan 19, 2022 12:00 PM
How the Moving Target of Marketing Has Moved Even More with COVID
How the Moving Target of Marketing Has Moved Even More with COVID

Jill Richardson - Senior Account Manger at High Five Media
Jill originally moved from small town Nebraska to attend the University of Central Oklahoma as a Journalism and Spanish major. She worked as the yearbook editor and as a sports reporter until falling in love with advertising, switching her major in Advertising and Public Relations. During her time as the advertising director of a locally owned newspaper, she felt the draw of the digital trend. What used to be relatively simple - an ad in the newspaper or on television or in the yellow pages - had diversified to encompass the digital space. This space literally can change daily and can be nearly impossible to keep up with. Ten years later and with 23+ years of advertising experience, Jill’s role at High Five Media, a local advertising agency, is to help clients navigate to make informed marketing decisions for their businesses. I am married to the most fabulous man on the planet who may actually enjoy putting up with me. Between the two of us, we have five kids and way too many pets!


Ben Linder - High Five Media Marketing Manager
Ben Lindner is an Advertising Executive who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their brands and drive quantifiable ROI. After spending over two decades working in advertising and marketing for multimillion dollar brands and startups, Ben knows what truly drives conversions and brand equity. It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate the value your business can bring in helping them fulfill a need. Ben has worked for some of the leading media companies in the world, including the Disney,  News Corp., Yahoo!, and Hearst. In addition to his extensive advertising and marketing experience, Ben and his wife also own a concrete coatings company.  Ben holds a BA in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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