On December 27, 2023, the West Oklahoma City Rotary Club proudly celebrated the Annual Hal Alman Scholarship Luncheon. This beacon event of the organization was led by our amazing President Elect Frank O'Leary and featured an array of distinguished keynote speakers who came together not just to honor the legacy of Hal Alman but also to nurture the aspirations of the future's bright minds.
The rich tapestry of presenters was headlined by Natalie Bonney, the venerated granddaughter of Hal Alman, whose presence served as a poignant reminder of her grandfather's dedication to education and community service – the very pillars upon which the scholarship was founded. Deena Fisher, Immediate Past District 5750 Governor, brought a wealth of Rotary Club insights to the table, drawing on her years of service and leadership within the organization's ranks.
Adding to the profundity of the event, Jim Hampton who serves as co-chair of the Hal Alman Scholarship committee and took on the additional role of Master of Ceremonies. His versatility underscored the communal spirit as he represented the interests of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation along with the scholarship's vision. Complementing these individuals was Tom Fisher, Mayor of Woodward, Oklahoma, whose attendance supported a broader context for the importance of such scholarships in community development.
The scholarship, through its dedication to empowering young scholars, in 2023 saw 26 deserving recipients awarded, out of which 15 were able to attend the luncheon. The presence of these scholars, some of whom had traveled vast distances to be a part of the event, attested to the scholarship's far-reaching impact. Under the presentation duo of Deena Fisher and Frank O'Leary, attendees were reminded not only of their individual achievements but also of their collective responsibility to uphold Hal Alman's legacy through their future endeavors.