In a landmark decision on June 28, 2023, the West OKC Rotary Club voted to embrace change by allowing Corporate Membership, in accordance with Rotary International's new classification guidelines. This move aims to foster greater collaboration and inclusion within the club, opening doors to local businesses and professionals interested in joining Rotary. Three exciting membership options have been introduced to cater to the diverse needs of potential corporate members. Read on to learn more about these options and how they can benefit your organization.
Option 1: One Primary Member with Unnamed Alternates:
Under this option, a company can designate one individual as the primary member representing their organization in Rotary. Additionally, the company has the flexibility to appoint unnamed alternates who can attend meetings and participate actively on behalf of the organization when the primary member is unavailable. This alternative allows for continuity and ensures that the company's interests remain represented within the club.
Option 2: One Primary Member with Named Alternates:
For companies seeking more accountability, Option 2 allows for the appointment of up to a specific number of named alternates who can actively participate on behalf of the organization. This option ensures that your organization maintains a consistent presence at Rotary meetings, enabling engagement in community projects, networking opportunities, and access to the extensive resources available through Rotary International.
Option 3: One Primary Member with Additional Corporate Members:
The third option offers the opportunity for greater involvement and exchange of ideas within your organization. With this option, one primary member from your company can be joined by additional corporate colleagues as Rotary members. This approach fosters collaboration, expands professional networks, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences for the benefit of both the organization and the community at large.
Act now and reach out to Brenda Granger, the Membership Chair, or any West OKC Rotary member for further details. Don't miss this chance to become part of a vibrant and influential network dedicated to making a positive impact in our community and beyond.
The West OKC Rotary Club's decision to introduce Corporate Membership options heralds an exciting new chapter for the organization, one that embraces inclusivity and fosters collaboration between businesses and Rotary. Through these three membership options, companies can now become active participants in the club's initiatives, unlocking numerous benefits for both their organization and the wider community. Reach out today to explore how your company can get involved and make a difference through Rotary